What factors contributed to eurodisney s poor performance during its first year of operation what fa

These obscurred concepts include M. As a consequence, the European rail market has witnessed a range of regulatory changes to its structure and technical standards, with the aim of creation of a competitive internal market with more efficient services.

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Principal findings of consultation The majority of stakeholders of the targeted consultation agreed that the quality of rail services and the competitiveness of the rail sector in the EU were affected by the lack of competitive incentives, inadequate regulatory oversight, discriminatory framework conditions and market access barriers for railway undertakings.

Exclusive rights are mostly found in large-sized 19 Member States France, Spain, Portugal, and Finlandwhereas most small-sized Member States Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and Slovenia have covered all their rail services by a directly awarded PSC with no right to provide open access services.

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The ratio of p-km to train-km is almost double in France and Sweden compared to the rest of Europe cf. This book has tried to give a comprehensive view of how the programming is done.

In fact, since the mid-nineties, in some Member States local and regional passenger train services have fallen in a downward spiral of continuous operational losses and subsequent diminishing of services.

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Mr Uwe CORSEPIUS, Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union - EU monitor

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The factors that contributed to Euro Disney’s poor performance during its first year of operation were their lack of knowledge of their target market and the fact that they didn’t take into consideration that the target market was not intended to just focus on one culture.

Asked about the rates of implementation of the government's major national development plan during its first year, the minister said that the government considers the 30 percent of the plan. During theGermany was able to increase its p-km by 9% while reducing the subsidies by 20%, achieving reduction in subsidy per p-km by 29%.

In France, at the same time, subsidies increased by 48% but resulted only in 24% of additional p-km (increase in subsidy per km by 24%).


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What factors contributed to eurodisney s poor performance during its first year of operation what fa
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