A biography of charles rennie mackintosh

In he married Martha Ann Mackintosh d. His furniture and textile designs are being produced with notable success, and in a writing desk he designed in for his own use reached the then world record price paid at auction for any piece of 20th-century furniture, 89, pounds.

Although the original building which housed the tearoom on Glasgow's Ingram Street was demolished in the interiors had all been dismantled and put into storage. That year, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer. Of particular importance, in a Welsh context, is the early date of the lighthouse lantern, which was originally lit by gas.

He would put it on display for guests and charge them to help pay his rent. This style was the negation of unnecessary ornamentation, excessive patterns, deceptive elaboration and gaudy build up. In conjunction with the exhibit were lectures and a symposium by scholars, including Pamela Robertson of the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow art gallery owner Roger Billcliffe, and architect J.

A biography of charles rennie mackintosh in Austria and Germany, his work received acclaim when it was shown at the Vienna Secession Exhibition in He was interested in the relationships between man-made and naturally occurring landscapes, and created a large portfolio of architecture and landscape watercolour paintings.

Herbert MacNair and the Macdonald sisters, Frcnces and Margaret wham he loter marriedwith whom he was to form the group which became known as the Glasgow Four.

Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. This second fire caused major damage; effectively destroying the interior structure and leaving the outer walls so structurally unstable that large sections of them had to be taken down to prevent uncontrolled collapse.

In a stay in Los Angeles inspired a sell-out exhibition of Santa Monica watercolours. Artist When pregnant with her daughter Nina inKara took up painting and studied at Camden Arts Centre where she remained off and on for ten years. The building established Mackintosh from the outset as a radical architect determined to find a new design language appropriate for the coming 20th century.

From the s onwards the Scottish artist Stewart Bowman Johnson, who studied in the Mackintosh building at Glasgow School of Art, produced a series of interpretations of the architect's work including works depicting the doors and windows of the Willow tearooms.

The epithet 'Greek' was derived from his passionate allegiance to the Classical styles of Greece, Egypt and Asia, and his status as one of the greatest and most adventurous exponents of the Neo-Classical style in Europe. Mackintosh, and by her had seven children, two of whom, George and Johnbecame notable engineers.

The harbour consists of two independent piers running north westwards out to sea; parallel nearer the shore, they converge at the outer ends to form a harbour mouth feet 46m wide. Mackintosh was admitted to a nursing home where he died on 10 December at the age of Mobiles have no meaning, they are, that is all.

A close friend of the Mossmanshe designed their studio at 83 North Frederick Streetdem. The revival of public interest has led to the refurbishment and opening of more buildings to the public, such as the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow and 78 Derngate in Northampton. The tea rooms provided a wonderful opportunity for Mackintosh to put into practice his belief that the architect was responsible for every aspect of the commissioned work.

Even before he began composing abstract elements to form mobiles, Calder had taken into account the delicate equilibrium the sculpture would need to hang properly and move freely.

John Rennie the Elder

Rennie was responsible for the construction of Howth Harbour on the North side of Dublin bay a decade earlier. The stabiles have an implied, lyrical movement. This colossal work was first proposed in a report by Rennie, dated 22 April ; an order in council authorising its commencement was issued on 22 Juneand the first stone was deposited on 12 August following.

Mackintosh had entirely abandoned architecture and design and concentrated on watercolour painting. He was devoted to his profession, and, though he was a man of strong frame and capable of great endurance, his incessant labours shortened his life.

Stewart Johnson, and screening of documentary films about Mackintosh. The so-called "Glasgow" style was exhibited in Europe and influenced the Viennese Art Nouveau movement known as Sezessionstil in English, the Vienna Secession around Critics mention his downfall as a tragedy as he got rejected by his own hometown and architectural establishment.

The rediscovery of Mackintosh as a significant figure in design has been attributed to the designation of Glasgow as European City of Culture in[29] and exhibition of his work which accompanied the year-long festival. Now much admired and copied, he is seen as a central figure in the development of integrated art-architecture at the turn of the century and a seminal influence on many architects and designers of the Post Modern movement in the s and s.

On 23 May the building was ravaged by fire. A rather large model to work with. Mackintosh used to give so much attention to detailing of design, decoration, furnishing and all the building specifications and most of this detailing was done and taken care of by his wife.

This was to be in the form of a free-standing portal with four 20ft columns but was abandoned due to increasing costs GCCJ: He became obsessed with the circus, which he visited frequently. He appreciated it for its simple forms, natural materials, economy restraints, textures and use of light and shadows.

When Stevenson died inthe Commissioners put on record in their minutes that to him was 'due the honour of conceiving and executing the Bell Rock lighthouse'.Biography of architect Alexander 'Greek' Thomson () with photos where available.

Glasgow - City of Sculpture. Charles Rennie Mackintosh () was a Scottish artist, architect, and interior/furniture/textile designer who had a professional influence on the development of the Modern movement. He worked to create totally integrated art/architecture. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on June 7, Émile Gallé: Émile Gallé, celebrated French designer and pioneer in technical innovations in glass.

He was a leading initiator of the Art Nouveau style and of the modern renaissance of French art glass. The son of a successful faience and furniture producer, Gallé studied philosophy, botany, and drawing, later. 19th-Century Art 19th-Century Art Neoclassicism Romanticism Orientalism Realism Pre-Raphaelites Arts and Crafts Realism Impressionism Post-Impressionism Neo.

Note: there are 45 articles written by Mike Chrimes, Librarian of the Institution of Civil Engineers in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: the majority relate to key civil engineers associated with the railway industry.

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Facts

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A biography of charles rennie mackintosh
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